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We are a third party insurer providing Tokio Fire & Marine’ insurance coverage, both domestic and global, to commercial carriers, as well as private citizens and corporations using commercial carriers. If you are seeking quality coverage for shipments under two million dollars, please continue reading.

Our rates, together with the ease and speed of receiving coverage and certificate on line, will make your experience with us a pleasant experience.

A commercial carrier’s acceptance of cargo almost always includes the carrier’s acceptance of all responsibility for all cargo against all risks … in exchange for financial gain. Compounding the ever-present physical risks to cargoes in transit are the accompanying risks presented by a complex, time consuming, and expensive legal system which generally acts to assign responsibility for cargo loss, seek remuneration for loss, and implement other sanctions as are deemed appropriate. Whether self-employed with your own rig, an employer, rig owner, freight forwarder or other vested interest such as the cargo owner…

ü      Every cargo is both an opportunity and a risk to you,

Assessing risks relative to cargo value and insuring on a full cargo value basis against all risks is no less a part of professionalism than is load inspection and maintaining rigs, or employing those to do.  You need people you can trust to insure your cargo against all risks; people who can give you full all-risk coverage, at the best rates available, in minutes.

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